Damon White Loudoun Famous Gay Scam Artist

I met Damon White in 2015, when I was just 27 years old. During that time I was working for a new apartment complex called Parc Dulles, which is located in Sterling, Virginia. Parc Dulles is a upperscale apartment complex in Loudoun county which is own by the Lerner family.

At that time I was a young single mother and was doing pretty good for myself. I was thriving, loving life, and working my way into management. I was very energetic, ambitious, and was great at my job. I really loved my job and where my career was going.

Sterling Virginia Known LGBTQ SCAMMER

Many different people would come to me for help, because they needed assistance with housing. One of the main reasons so many people reached out to me primarily was, I was marketing and promoting the Parc Dulles brand everywhere I went. My friends and even people I didnt know would contact me via social media, if they needed a place of residence.

I was helping so many different people especially those who didn’t have the means getting into the luxury apartment complex. Most of them simply didn’t have the resources or income to afford rent at Parc Dulles, due to Loudoun county was a very expensive place to live. 

In my opinion I’d say that, “I believe that I’m a good person, who believe’s people should help other people who are in need and less fortunate than them”. One of the different ways I would help people with below average income get housing at Parc Dulles; was a program known as UHNU, “Unmet Housing Needs”.

UHNU was a program rolled out by Loudoun county in 2015, to help lower income families who couldn’t get housing in Loudoun county due to the cost of living, get housing. During that time I think, “I was the only one working at Parc Dulles promoting the, “UHNU” program.

Damon White Put His Father Stepdad In Debt

Most of my former coworkers hated the fact I was helping  people get into the UHNU program. I didn’t care about what people’s opinions about me was because I was helping those less fortunate. Sometime later in 2015, Damon White managed to get employment at Parc Dulles, he was hired by my former manger Valerie Leidy.

Damon grew up in Leesburg, Virginia. Leesburg is a town located in Loudoun county and many people are unaquinted with Damon White; Damon is a white male, who’s about 5’6 to 5’8 in height, has blonde hair, and is a member of the LGBTQ community.

Damon was very unorganized and very inexperience when he first got to Parc Dulles, he came off to me as,”Self centered and love to gossip about people’s business”. At first I didn’t want to be friend’s with Damon, due to gossiping. How I ended up being friends with Damon was during the lease-up buildup of Windmill Parc, a new complex which was located in Sterling, Virginia. Windmill Parc is also owned by the same Lerner Family, who owns the baseball team called the “Washington Nationals”. 

Damon and I were both hand picked to do the lease-up by our regional manager. I believe Damon got picked for the position, because he was “kissing a lot behinds”. During that time me and Damon got close and became friends.

One of the other reasons was; I didn’t think it was a wise idea not to be cordial and on good terms with someone I was working in with everyday. We exchanged numbers because at that particular time  Damon and I were the only 2 managing that office. Damon and I were entrusted to get as many lease applicants as possible to fill up the new upper scale apartment complex.

Although Damon White and I wouldn’t hang out for a whole another year when we were off work. I was carrying Damon most of the time at work due to his he’s laziness. Now I’m looking back at the whole situation, Damon was one of the people who I called a “friend” who caused my life to go in a downward spiral.

Damon became friends a with a lady named Andrea, who we both worked with. Andrea happened to also not like me, and would report everything I was doing to management. Andrea was the one who told management, “I was helping too many people get housing through HHNU, who couldn’t afford it otherwise”. I truly believe Damon White and Andrea was the reason I got fired, because there’s many other incidents I’d like to tell but can’t.

Damon kept calling me even after I got fired, which seem funny to me, because he got a promotion after I got fired. He subsequently got fired 2 months after he received that promotion, because I wasn’t there to do all his work for him.

I discovered during that time after he got fired, tha Damon had a drug addiction to coke and adderall. Another thing Damon like to do was go in different retail stores and steal merchandise. I was in a desperate situation and needed money, that I even listened to Damon about a buiness idea.

I  decided that I should go in business with Damon White, because I was in a tough spot. Early in 2022 Damon sold me on a idea, a Amazon business. The business model was reselling different items and products we purchased for cheap. Damon and I decided the name of the company would be, “CamelFruit Media LLC”.

Not long after I went into business with Damon, I found myself over $20,000 in debt and behind on most my personal bills. Damon made me so many business promises, that now were mostly lies. He promised me half ownership in the new company called “CamelFruit Media, LLC”. Damon White told me that, “we needed to purchase local discounted retail items, and flip them on Amazon’s FBA for a profit website”.

Damon kept telling me, “To focus on purchasing inventory and processing shipments, and that he’d handle all the paperwork. I was also guaranteed that he’d send me copies of everything that involved, CamelFruit Media”. Damon seemed to always have an excuse to why I wasn’t listed on none of the CamelFruit Media LLC legal paperwork such as; the operating agreement, articles of incorporation, or IRS form CP575.

Damon White never once let me audit the accounts even after working 6 months with him, and I was only getting into more debt. The business was making money but I wasn’t seeing any of it. During that time I was presented with a new business opportunity, from a “friend” I hadn’t seen in years.This friend was very successful in many different ventures he took in the past.

One day I was telling my “friend”, about the business Damon White and I owned. My “friend told me, “That it was kind of shady, that my name wasn’t on any of the paperwork for the business, CamelFruit Media”.  I noticed my friend had put my names on documents that was dealing with our new company, but my business with Damon didn’t.

After that conversation with my “friend”, I told Damon about my new business venture and brought up the fact that I wasn’t on none of the CamelFruit Media LLC legal documents. After that conversation Damon White stopped picking up my phone calls. Damon went as far as to take inventory I had purchased, basically stealing from me all of my inventory which majority of it was purchased by me.

Damon White has refuses to answer my calls. When Damon White registered “CamelFruit Media, LLC, through the, “Virginia State Corporation”, we both agreed to 50/50 ownership. When I finally did receive a copy of the LLC paperwork I noticed my name wasn’t on it. 

 I decided to reach out to some old friends who were aquainted to both Damon and I, and we both had in common.  Many of our mutual friend were suprised I was still associating and in contact with Damon. Many of them told that, “Damon was a scam artist”. I also found out, “I wasn’t the only that Damon White had, scammed out of money.

Damon own best friend, Katelyn Long had told me that she knows, “Damon White has a serious drug addiction”. She confirmed as well that Damon’s addicted to both cocaine and amphetamines”. Katrlyn also said that, “Damon has ripped her sister off on several different situations, and that her sister didn’t speak to Damon any more”.

Former business associates of Damon White also reached out to me and asked me, “Why was I in business with Damon”. I still havent gotten my money back and I probably never will, but by the grace of God my new business has taken off.


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    Crazy thing bout bro is he gon get you, he been sizing the punk faggot up for like 2 weeks. One thing I like about this blog is that it’s legit will let you do whatever you want. Tell Terry I want some of that BBC😩🤤

    • Mike D on October 5, 2022 at 8:41 pm
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    Not the gay guy😆 Man y’all gon stop playin wit dat man
    Terry beef wit Leesburg niggas till Weezy intervene fo niggas
    Wheezy sed look I know dat Krazy ass Haitian
    Dat man Terry nothin to play wit

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