Heather Buller Loudoun Racist Adoption Specialist

Heather Buller is a white woman who is employed by “Loudoun County” Child Protective Services, located in Leesburg Virginia. If you’re black and grew up in Loudoun county, you know it has a very deep seated history of racism and discrimination. Black people who grew up in the North-Western part of Virginia will testify or tell you a thing or two about the ugly faces of racism they’ve experienced. Loudoun county racism goes back to its colonial times, and even as we speak you still have certain individuals working to oppress people of color. Heather Buller employer is the “Loudoun’s County” government, who cuts the check for the people that work for the local government. Loudoun county seems not to be good at doing background checks on individuals that work for the county and the people that are trying to gain employment with them. In the past they’ve even been accused of hiring judges, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors who some of the county’s black residents reported were racist. As a matter of fact less then 3 years ago the KKK was going around leaving flyers in residential areas, trying to recruit people for their organization.

Many black people who work for the county’s government seem to posses uncle-tom personalities, and the reason I say this is; “There have been too many incidents and situations that occur in the Loudoun, that have gone unreported or documented”. I guess some individuals would rather put themselves before the good of the entire black race. Some of Loudoun’s government workforce care more about being in the rat race and getting promotions then doing the right thing. If you want a honest opinion about Heather Buller, don’t ask anyone who works for Loudoun’s government. They have a of lack of integrity and honor problem in the organization

CPS Unfair Treatment of Single Mother

The reason I’m writing about Heather Buller is because of what she’s doing to a single mother named “Kathleen Hedrick”. Heather is extremely out pocket when it comes down to the situation at hand because she’s acting petty, childish, and unprofessional towards Kathleen Hedrick. Heather’s behavior goes against codes of ethics that she’s has sworn to observe and protect. No human being should ever experience what Kathleen Hedrick is going through at the hands of Loudoun’s CPS. Heather Buller is a foster care/adoption specialist, who thinks that her job as a county worker permits her to abuse her power. Heather attended college at both George Mason University and Columbia University. I attended college with Heather Buller at one of these institution. Which I can’t mention, due to the fact that I’m now involved in this case. Heather has a history of narcissism and have always thought that she was better then black people. I always got those vibes from her and so did other black individuals who had interactions with her at school. Heather has always came off to me as hateful, nasty, and plain ignorant when it came down to issues dealing with black peoples struggle in America.

Racist Social Worker Retaliates At Single Mother For Speaking Truth

One time Heather and I had a interaction at school, and it wasn’t pleasant because she was being rude and disrespectful towards me. She made it seemed like black people didn’t deserve to be at that institution, and that white people were smarter and better then black people. Heather Buller made comments like “Black people were only allowed at the institution because of Equal Opportunity programs passed by congress”. Even in class sometimes when individuals who were black would reply to questions asked, Heather would make comments that came off as racist. Many people don’t know colleges are required to meet quotas on how many minorities are allowed into their academic program every year. Heather would make racist statements and stereotypes about black people that were mostly false and at times racist. So this situation is no surprise to me but how she got hired by Loudoun county is.

Heather Buller Racist CPS Employee

Heather Buller a habitual liar that can’t be trusted, she’s delusional, childish, vindictive and think that she can talk to the people that she supervises anyway she chooses. Loudoun CPS needs to reevaluate their employment agreement with her because Heather supervises vulnerable children. CPS and Loudoun has hurt the community and has done a huge disservice by hiring Heather Buller. The case of Kathleen Hedrick is a perfect example, and should be investigated by “Virginia’s Children Ombudsman” office for misconduct. Kathleen Hedrick is a business partner in a i.t business that I own, Heather Buller is a foster-care worker CPS has a assigned to the case Kathleen involved in. Heather has made it a habit to violated Kathleen Hedrick rights and space. Heather has violated code of ethics and civil rights laws in so many ways that are unbecoming of foster care and adoption specialist.

The situation started on September 7, 2022. On that day I received a call from a woman, who claimed to be Heather Buller with Loudoun’s CPS office. Kathleen had asked me to watch her son Chase for a few hours because she needed to go get a Covid test. The phone call was recorded because Heather called my business line, it so happened that Kathleen and Chase had just gotten to my house. The phone was on speaker because I was doing different tasks, so both heard everything that was said during me and Heathers phone conversation. Kathleen Hedrick and Chase Napier are victims of abuse, but CPS was pursuing a case against Kathleen. The reason they were pursuing a case against Kathleen, CPS claims she didn’t report her ex-boyfriend Milan Patel. Milan Patel had strike Chase on the face and left marks on his face. Instead of the Loudoun CPS try to investigate the situation thoroughly, they decided to go after a single mother.

Kathleen was scared to report the abuse or say anything about the situation because she was being threatened and intimidated by Milan. CPS decided it was easier to blame and go after Kathleen Hedrick for the abuse that occurred to Chase. Milan Patel who’s a pharmacy manager at CVS and a scamming drug dealer had gotten off the hook. Milan was dating Kathleen at the time, and he just started abusing Chase for no reason. So when Heather called me that day, I was caught off guard and really didn’t know what was going on. I made a statement to Heather; “I didn’t understand why CPS was calling me because Kathleen has never abuse Chase. I don’t think they’re treating Kathleen fair and the allegations of her abusing Chase is not true”. That’s all I said to Heather on the phone, which are my personal opinions and I’m entitled to have my own opinion. Heather texted Kathleen a hour later and told her that; “I was rude and argumentative and called Chase a liar”, even though Kathleen was there when Heather called me.

Loudoun Still A Racist Place

So I decided to text Heather back and tell her; “I don’t appreciate her lying on me. That her behavior unacceptable and was very unprofessional to lie on me like that to Kathleen. Especially about a conversation that had to do with the welfare of a child and I’d like to talk to her supervisor”. Heather texted me back and said that; “She’d be making other living arrangements for Chase”. So because I asked to talk to her supervisor, Heather decided to retaliate against Kathleen. Heather started filing adoption paperwork to have Kathleen’s son Chase removed from her custody. A couple weeks later CPS was having a “Family Planning Meeting” with Kathleen about adoption. Heather and her coworkers/associates were attending the meeting via video conference call. I was also attending the meeting but wasn’t on camera and CPS didn’t know I was on the conference call. The one thing that stood out about the meeting was all the people attending the meeting were white and old. Heather at one point brought up the phone call that had taken place, and started lying about the statements I had made during the phone call. Heather disrespected my religion at one point and even let her peers know she was disgusted by it.

I was so offended because Heather disrespected my religion so I decided to say something to her and co-workers. I told Heather; “She was lying about what was said and that the rest of them ought to be ashamed for what they’re doing to Kathleen”. At that point the whole meeting turned disrespectful and racist. Heather logged off and left the video conference. Her coworkers started to leave the meeting as well, but not before one of them told me “I was a animal”. After the meeting, Kathleen and I decided to contact the CPS director and Heather Buller managers. A week went and I got a phone call from the assistant director of Loudoun’s CPS office. During that week I had discovered CPS had ran a background check on me without my permission or knowledge. It was shocking because I wasn’t a sex offender, never convicted of any serious crimes, or pose a threat to Chase, but Heather decided that I was. She ran a background check on me anyways. I brought the issue up with her supervisor, and addressed it when she returned my call. The assistant director happened to be a black woman by the way, and she made excuses for Heather. Loudoun CPS had brought one of their “Uncle-Toms” to answer our questions and none was answered.

Even though I wasn’t involved in the case personally, I felt that these people were violating my friend/business partners rights and space. I felt that I had to help Kathleen fight and get her son back. Kathleen a very good mom, person, and loves her son Chase. CPS decided to have another “Family Planning Meeting”, and this time there was 3 black people attending the meeting. The person who was in charge of mediating the meeting was a older black male, what a coincidence. The crazy thing about this meeting was; The black male hosting and mediating the meeting personality came off as fake. CPS didn’t know we had a lawyer on the video conference because Kathleen had her camera off, they thought Kathleen was by herself on the video call. Black Uncle Tom and his racist coworkers decided they were going to take advantage of Kathleen and try to bully her. CPS found out that Kathleen wasn’t alone on the conference call and had a lawyer in the room. The black cps worker decided to end the meeting, and told us; “He was going to have a judge decide the case”. Which is something I felt was the best option for Kathleen and Chase.

Loudoun County’s Abuse Of Power

In conclusion this racist woman Heather had a problem with me watching Kathleen’s son Chase, who is a white preteen aged 12. Heather Buller went and lied to Kathleen about a conversations that we had, Kathleen was there when Heather had called. Heather got caught lying, and because Kathleen defended me, she retaliated against Kathleen, by taking her son Chase out of her house. Kathleen is a single mother who going through a lot because of CPS. Heather also didn’t like that I was black and thought me and Kathleen was dating because she wrote in her report. Heather somehow came up with many crazy conclusions, ideas, and a bunch of lies on this report. The conclusion is racist people like Heather Buller still exist in the world, and good white people suffer with us black people as a consequence. Loudoun county is still racist and lets not forget that the KKK was passing flyers out 2 years ago.


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  1. I don’t understand why an individual such as Heather would do such horrible things. Heather seems to me to be a narcissist and a evil individual with mental health problems
    I’m sorry that your friend is going through such a difficult time and pray to God that things work out for her. I can just imagine what she’s going through.

  2. Heather Buller is a stupid racist white woman who doesn’t know the difference between 1969 and 2022. And she had the nerve to do this to my friend. Her stupid supervisor over at cps is a real fucking uncle tom ass stupid bitch. I hope that bitch and her family fucking dies. You can’t post nothing on Facebook without getting suspended. So fuck Heather and that Cps office which is full of racist white women and fucking uncle Tom’s.

  3. This woman Heather is a habitual liar, and has continued to lie on my business partner and I. During this painful process, I as a mother have dealt with some unbelievable pains that I never thought I would experience. What has really pissed me off as a white individual, is the audacity of this extra privileged racist woman. The truth is Heather Buller is a racist and can’t no one change my mind.

      • Alice Thornton on October 5, 2022 at 8:04 pm
      • Reply

      This is beyond crazy and I’m sorry you been going through it. That’s crazy this individual has been putting you through it. One thing I know about the individual who wrote this blog is he’s not to be taken lightly. I hope God gives you peace and blessings, I heard what happened and she definitely dead wrong.

  4. I cannot believe the nerve of this CPS worker Heather Buller. I know Katie personally and they keep lying to try and cover up their extremely careless mistakes. To make matters worse it is clear they are being extremely racist to Loudoun County citizens unrelated to this case. It looks like Loudoun County had a reason to hire their first ever Ombuds!!

    1. Yes she’s a fucking piece of shit, and I don’t like to say that about women. But this woman is a piece of shit. She doesn’t know anything about me and made a judgment. I’m not a child molester or a sex offender. But she wants to turn this boy over to his dad who killed Alex Hoover then had sex with her body.

  5. Hey what’s up and I’m sorry that you guy’s are going through all that. I’m pretty sure that you guys will find justice against this hateful woman. This country has gone to shit because of people like her, and you guys stay in there and fight the good fight. You will win I promise. As far as her supervisors at CPS, they out to be ashamed of themselves for allowing this woman to do all this.

    • Stephanie on October 5, 2022 at 8:01 pm
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    • Melissa Henry on October 5, 2022 at 8:17 pm
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    Man I feel so bad for this woman 😒Aint none of y’all warn her about this nigga? Playing with him is like basically ☠️ Real talk someone tell her to apologize cause it’s only going to get worst from here…. Twitter brought me here. And wasn’t Heather fucking Terry??? Let me shut up before he gets on my case😒

    • Melissa Henry on October 5, 2022 at 8:18 pm
    • Reply

    😒Aint none of y’all warn her about this nigga? Playing with him is like basically ☠️ Real talk someone tell her to apologize cause it’s only going to get worst from here…. Twitter brought me here. And wasn’t Heather fucking Terry??? Let me shut up before he gets on my case😒

    • Mike D on October 5, 2022 at 8:44 pm
    • Reply

    Yo not fo nothin yall dis bitch stupid
    If u see wat he did to da police n prosecutor while he in jail
    Da fuck you goin bother him for
    Did bitch should kno he not goin for nothin
    Dat man will beef wit u till he 85
    Niggas had to intervene for Leesburg cuz he went ape shit for 4 years

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