Joshua James Orndorff The Racist

Joshua James Orndorff, aka Josh Orndorff, aka DJ Neiko or Neeko, is a white male who currently resides in the Sterling Virginia area. Joshua James Orndorff is originally from the Fredericksburg and Stafford area, those are some of the most redneck and hillbilly parts of Virginia. Joshua Orndorff in my opinion is what people call “fake and phony”. He’s a narcissist who seem to have very deep hatred towards black men. Joshua Orndorff is possibly the worst human being who resides in the Sterling area. This man is truly a narcissistic individual and a certified con artist, and who’s known to have defrauded women out of money. Joshua is a liar and really believes, “that all black men are inferior to white men”, and doesn’t believe that “black men should be allowed to have relationships white women”. Josh Orndorff really believes in theories like that. He goes around scamming, bullying, and manipulating women, who are vulnerable. This guy is a real piece of work and it’s best if you meet him, you stay away from him.

Racist Man From Sterling Virginia

I met Josh Orndorff in 2016 through the mother of his child, Katie, and she’s one of the sweetest, nicest, and caring people you’ll ever meet. She doesn’t have a bone of hate in her, and one day Katie and I was having a conversation over at Roselyn house. She was telling me that, ‘Her boyfriend Josh was a D.J and did music’. At the time I was in the music business and thought, it be a good opportunity for me to network with someone from the Loudoun area. Not only was Katie pretty, but she was a good person who knew how to network. So I got Joshua Orndorff number from Katie and decided to call Joshua. My phone call with Josh was about 5 minute, and the conversation was mainly about a business opportunity. The business opportunity I presented him with was for him to make music beats for me and I’d get him in the entertainment business.

I had also offered Joshua Orndorff an opportunity to work with some very powerful music artist, who at that time in the industry were Grammy winners. The way the conversation went, I felt like he didn’t take me serious. I wasn’t going to stress over this hillbilly who didn’t take me serious, because to me he was the “little fish”. Throughout the years I stayed in contact with Katie because she was a good person, and you don’t find good people like that everyday. Katie was the kind of woman who’d go out her way for her friends and family. Katie also had a son, who’s name was Chase and he was six years old at the time. Chase was a very good kid, very respectful and well mannered. Katie did a good job raising her son, the boy was respectful and didn’t have hate or malice in his heart.

Narcissistic Racist Individual Northern Virginia

Now fast forward into 2022, Josh and the Katie had broken up and had been separated for about 4 years. During that time they both of them had conceived a child together, his name was Maddox. I didn’t know too much about the breakup because I was living in California at the time. I always thought, Katie could do way better then Joshua. I mean can you blame me, the one time I did speak to him, not only did he brush me off, he blocked me on social media. I got back from California in 2021, Katie and I probably didn’t speak for the first 8 months I was back. So one day I decided to reach out and see what Katie was doing. Katie told me, ‘She’d make time for me soon’. I decided to reach out to Katie again a week later, since I didn’t hear from her. She picked up the phone and I asked her, “Could she pick me and give me a ride to my house?”, Katie came and picked me up and during the ride to my house I noticed that she was sad.

Katie decided I was someone who could help her with some of the problems, she had been going through. She opened up to me about some of her problems. One of the things Katie told me was, ‘When her mother Sandy was sick and dying from cancer, Joshua Orndorff robbed and scammed her mother out money”. The story goes, ‘Joshua Orndorff had came to Katie and her mother with a proposition, and told them that he can help her mother out by selling the house that she’d own’. At the time Sandy owed a lot of money due to her not being able to work. Katie and Sandy of course thought it was a good idea, after all this is Katie’s boyfriend, and he wouldn’t rob them. No Joshua Orndorff did the opposite, and decided he was going to keep the money. Joshua Orndorff didn’t give Katie or her mother none of the proceeds from the house sale. Joshua Orndorff is not only a racist but a good scam artist as well, because good and honest people don’t do despicable things like that.

Joshua James Orndorff The Scam Artist

Katie and I decided to go in business together, because she was a great administrative person and I was a good i.t guy. One day Joshua Orndorff called Katie and asked, “Who was over her house?”. Katie told him, ‘Me and her was and we was working on our new business”. Joshua got mad and told her, “He didn’t want me over there and he wasn’t bringing Maddox over there until I was gone!”. So I asked Katie, ‘What’s his problem?’, and she told me that Josh doesn’t like black people. I asked her for his number and called him. The whole conversation was Joshua calling me a drug dealer and degraded me. When we got off the phone, I decided to do a background check on Josh. Me and Joshua Orndorff knew mutual people, so I reached out to some of them on Facebook. Those mutual acquaintance did and confirm, Joshua Orndorff was a racist that didn’t like black people.

Matters got worst cause one day when Katie got a call from Loudoun county CPS, because Joshua Orndorff had decided to call CPS on Katie. Joshua Orndorff fabricated a story and told CPS, Katie had a guy who sold drugs living in her house. It was all lies because the only reason Joshua Orndorff called cps, was because he didn’t want Katie dating a black guy. So Katie reached out to him and asked him, “Why did he called CPS?”, Josh lied and denied everything. What made the situation worst was that Katie was already dealing with CPS because of her ex. Not only did we know because of the timing of the incident, but because Katie’s lawyer confirmed it as well. Joshua Orndorff is the worst individual in the world in my book right now, because he has deliberately tried to sabotage the mother of his child. The other reason he was fake to my face and didn’t express he didn’t like black people. In my book he’s a straight loser and a clown, I pray he never has anything good come his way. People like Joshua Orndorff are mistakes that God made and he’s fixing it by leaving them here on earth for good.


  1. This article is true, and I can testify that Joshua is a coward who evens threatens his child’s mother Katie. Joshua James Orndorff is a racist individual. Not only that what the article didn’t mention is that Josh pulled a gun on Katie several times, and did it in front of their son. Joshua Orndorff is a racist individual who also don’t like black people, specifically black men. You can try to spin it and turn it how you like, but when you call CPS on her because she has a black business partner it’s racist. This man is a snitch he will call the cops on you if you’re black Josh is a psychopath and needs to have his head checked. I feel bad by what has happened to Katie because of this individual.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to this young lady. I pray in the blood of Jesus she gets delivered out of this great evil. From what I heard she’s a good person from many people I know. White men like Josh been doing stuff like this. It’s that white privilege I’m telling you. He feels like he owns her and can do whatever he wants and please. He finally got what was coming to him, and I hope he gets more then expose.

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