Loudoun County Continues Its Racism

Loudoun County is a very beautiful place, but Loudoun is also a very racist place. Loudoun seems to have a problem with black men who identify as heterosexual. Today we are writing about a man named Bryan Wright who is currently incarcerated in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. Bryan Wright has been charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding. He is accused of assaulting a woman in front of a health clinic. The situation all started when the alleged victim, Michelle Cartoon, an older white woman, called Bryan, a black man, a nigger in front of multiple witnesses including Mr. Wright’s wife. Allegedly, Bryan Wright was arguing with another person when Michelle Cartoon inserted herself into the situation. Michelle Cartoon told Mr. Wright that “he did not belong here and to get the fuck out of here you nigger”. Mr. Wright who was rightfully upset by the racial slur, walked up to Michelle Cartoon and put his finger in her face. Mr. Wright accidently poked Michelle Cartoon on her forehead. Michelle Cartoon swung at Mr. Wright after he poked her forehead, so Mr. Wright swung back twice. One of the punches landed on Michelle Cartoon, who was in the middle. Michelle Cartoon then fell and hit her head. The ambulance was called, and the police were called. Michelle Cartoon was treated for minor injuries. Bryan Wright was charged by a deputy from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office with Aggravated Malicious Wounding which carries up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted.

Now we are not justifying violence, but the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office tends to exaggerate minor situations into big ones, especially when it comes to dealing with black men. They also have a history of not addressing or acknowledging racism involved in certain cases or situations in Loudoun County.

If you know anything about the law, you will understand that according to VA code, Aggravated Malicious Wounding cannot be caused by a hand or fist. But when it comes to black men in Loudoun County, they love bringing absurd charges to hold black men in jail as long as they can. Now the Loudoun Commonwealth Attorneys Office is prosecuting this case as well. The Loudoun Commonwealth Attorneys Office, who is led by Buta Biberaj is known to be very dishonest, unethical and just flat out evil toward black men and minorities in Loudoun County. Buta Biberaj’s office is well known for violating Brady laws, due process and defendant’s constitutional rights. So we know Mr. Wright is not getting a fair trial, and we know that the Loudoun Commonwealth Attorneys Office is holding Bryan Wright on these excessive and ridiculous charges without bond. These charges should at most, if at all, be a misdemeanor due to both of them fighting in a parking lot and only using their hands. But since Michelle Cartoon is a older white woman, Buta Biberaj is going to press forward

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