Worst Mother Of The Year

Today I’m writing about Kyra Sharpe, who probably would make the list for top 10 worst mother in the state of California. Kyra Sharpe is a African American woman who’s originally from the state of West Virginia. Kyra moved to California in late 2019 because she had accepted a position from the company Miracle Ear. Kyra is the mother of 2 sons, who both have been going through a rough time because Kyra is a hot mess. Kyra Sharpe accepted a job from the the company Miracle Ear as a sales representative, and was assigned to run the Miracle Ear office in Santa Barbara California. Kyra moved out to California without both of her sons, and left them back with her mother in West Virginia. Kyra started working for Miracle Ear in Santa Barbara and quickly realize that she needed help running the office. Kyra reached out to 2 people back on the east coast, and asked them to help her out. Kyra Sharpe had reached out to her sister Tara Sharpe and a man name Lawrence Charles.

Kyra convinced Lawrence Charles to come out to Santa Barbara in January 2020, which was when Covid-19 shut down the whole world. Lawrence Charles was a marketer, who owned an i.t and construction company back in Virginia. Kyra had convinced to Lawrence to come out California with false promises, incentives, and a huge salary. Lawrence Charles agreed to help Kyra out base on the conditions and promises she had made him. Lawrence Charles arrived to Santa Barbara and immediately loved the placed and the people, but was quickly disappointed because Kyra had lied about all the promises she made. For the 3 months that Lawrence had worked, Kyra or Miracle Ear never paid him. Lawrence was the one who kept the office cleaned and organized. Kyra never cleaned the office or hired people to clean it. Kyra went out drinking and doing drugs every night. Lawrence did marketing and seo for Miracle Ear and brought customers and business for the company. Kyra was doing drugs and inviting unsavory characters to the office to hang out during work hours, which included a pimp and drug dealer. Not once during that time did she or Miracle Ear pay Lawrence Charles for any of the work he did.

Lawrence Charles got fed up with all of Kyra Sharpe nonsense and decided to leave California and go back to Virginia. Kyra had reached out to her sister Tara Sharpe and lured her with the same false promises that she had lured Lawrence with. Tara Sharpe, who’s a Marine veteran who didn’t want her sister to fail and she moved out to California. Tara brought her daughter and both of Kyra sons with her when she moved out to California. When Tara got to California, she discovered that her sister had a drug and drinking problem. Kyra had gotten involved and started dating a 21 year old, who was 10 years younger then her. Tara tried to tell Kyra about her drug problem and got mad and kickedTara out her house. Tara luckily had money saved up and was able to get her own place. Kyra however kept living dangerously and recklessly, and was even doing drugs in front of her kids. She started catching charges and was driving drunk with her kids in the car.

Kyra was neglecting her children and was dealing with a pimp, who was giving her money. This pimp even had Kyra and her 21 year old boyfriend performing sex acts on camera, so he can put on OnlyFans. Kyra house was always dirty and unkept, which was not fair to her children. Eventually Miracle Ear got tired of Kyra nonsense and ended up firing her, because the office wasn’t making money. Tara was concerned for how the children were living, and tried multiple times with her mother to have an intervention with Kyra. Kyra wasn’t interested in listening to reasoning, and started harassing Tara. CPS who got calls from the neighbors and the school started to investigate, and eventually took the kids away from Kyra. CPS reached out to Tara and notified her about the situation, she agreed to take in her nephews. The 21 year old realized that Kyra wasn’t a good person and left Kyra. Kyra hasn’t even reached out to her children to even check in on them, which is sad because they’re good children.

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